About Me


Welcome to my blog!

I’m going to start things off by saying a little about myself, my interests, my fashion and all the little bits that make up myself!


Just a little background on myself. I was born in a small town in South Wales, where I still am 20 years later. I was born into a small loving family and as an only child lived with my mother and father. Up until the age of 3 years old I lived in a caravan on a farm, which looking back now I find fascinating. We then moved into a barn house on the same farm, so that we had more space as I grew older. I have had some lovely memories at the farm, surrounded by animals. Growing up as a vegetarian being surrounded by animals says a lot for how much passion and empathy I have for them. At 6 years old as a family of 5 (myself, my mother, father, two dogs and one cat) moved into our forever home which is where I still live to this day.

As a child I loved being surrounded by friends and was lucky enough to have had a great school life. I had a tight group of friends as I went to a very small primary school and everyone pretty much got along with one another.


Home life was sometimes difficult. I would say I grew up pretty quickly and had to face many experiences that no young person should have to go through. My father suffered from mental health problems and suffered with alcohol addiction. This meant that my childhood was filled with uncertainty, paranoia and upset. I managed to keep my head up the majority of my childhood and kept hoping that things would be ok in the end. I would never resent my father for the struggle, he himself was going through the biggest struggle of all and I wish now that I could understand it more.

Overall my childhood was positive. The good times and the bad times have made me who I am today.


I’m currently studying Fashion Promotion at university. I stayed home for university as I’m a little hermit and like my home comforts! However I don’t feel I’ve missed out on ‘university life’, I’ve still met amazing people, gone out, stayed over friend’s houses etc! I have the joys of the uni life, whilst staying in the comforts of my own home!


I have learnt so much at university, about the course and also about myself. My confidence has grown so much thanks to university. Sometimes it’s all about throwing yourself in the deep end in order to better yourself.


I am so lucky to have so many people around me who love and support me always.


I have a great bunch of friends, I always think that it’s important to have friends of quality over quantity. I have the most supportive friends, some I’ve known since day one and others I’ve met along the way! All I love equally and cherish every single one.


I am also incredibly lucky to have Liam in my life, who I met in 2013. My life has changed for the better since I met him and every year we get stronger. I never fail to smile when I’m around him, he truly is my best friend. We’ve grown up together and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. We’ve been through so much together, through thick and thin and we’re still by one another’s side and I’m incredibly excited for our future together.


What this blog will mostly be centred around, so it’s only right that I touch on the subject!


b02b17ca7c71eb34378a08776bc4efbb.jpgI’d say I’m highly interested and influenced by 1960’s-70’s mod fashion. I am inspired by the meaning behind mod fashion as mod’s clothing is often a uniform for their social beliefs. I love the mod style, as it’s often tailored cuts, stand out outfits, and a mix of casual and sophisticated.



I love the history and original meaning behind the punk movement. Punk fashion was highly un-materialistic, very opposite to the world we live in today. I’m inspired by the often controversial slogan tees, set to go against society, clunky boots, vinyl clothing, creepers and much more.


This is a tricky one as I feel like I’m a hybrid of many things! I like to incorporate new trends with the old. I’m a lover of vintage fashion and vintage finds, but also like a nice look at today’s brands and fashion. I think that it’s important to have a balance of new and old, not everything has to be NEW NEW NEW, no matter what society tells you. I love vintage pieces and the history they hold, I find it fascinating that many others have loved and cherished the very same item you’re wearing. I also love looking into the current trends and keeping my wardrobe up to date, as a fashion student this is very important to know what’s going on in upcoming fashion.

What to expect…

That’s about everything for now! Keep your eyes peeled for so much more to come on this blog! I’ll be posting every Sunday.

See you soon! x

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